Who am I ? meet my team…


Hi, I’m Wes Martin. I’ve been painting for quite a few years now. I formally studied art and gained a Fine Art BA degree in 2002. All that you see here is a cumulation of my abilities and passions.

I knew I would spend a lifetime painting the landscapes of and around my home in the north of England, and the glowering skyscapes above. During a conversation on football a few years back my mate saw my disinterest and quipped sarcastically, ‘Aww, would you rather we talk about clouds, Wes?’. It was a great moment as I realised that that’s exactly who I was.

I don’t know why, or where it will lead me, but I live to paint mountains and clouds, and to entertain and nourish my kids along the way. It’s a long and crazy road, but I love it. Meet the team below…

Wes Martin
Holder of brushes. Manipulator of paint.

Always painting, or walking, or wrestling with his kids.

The Easels

Trusty support team

Lifting and carrying

General gofer and heavy lifter. Keeps gear safe and administers medication

Out There
Constant source of inspiration

Generally the north of England. Home