Throne Of Clouds – 50 Cloudscapes. Volume One


A book of 50 cloudscapes, completed between 2012-2016, in both watercolour and oils. Further volumes will be released in due course.

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The cloud has always been a great metaphor, whether illustrating the interior worlds of our soul or the changing fortunes of man. The cloud is simultaneously ordinary and miraculous; understood and unknowable. It terrifies and comforts, brings life and threatens destruction. At times we all carry a cloud in our hearts, at others we feel the elegiac lift of gracing ‘cloud nine’. It is no wonder then that artists and writers have always been draw to nature’s universal insignia. From the skyward gaze of the infant in the pram; to the dreamers and schemers; to poets and painters, the sky is nature’s most egalitarian of playgrounds. A Throne upon which clouds will always reign (or rain) supreme.

In this book you will find reproductions of fifty paintings of clouds, done by me over the past three years. I haven’t concentrated solely on this subject matter until relatively recently. Time has lead me to realise that natures architecture is a constant source of inspiration, and one which I am humbled to be able to behold. These books are a small token of my appreciation.


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